View Full Version : Odd Quirk with IES Lights

07-03-2018, 06:42 PM
Here's something interesting.

While in Wireframe mode or just not VPR for the moment, set up a simple scene with perhaps a ground plane & an object, Toroid or whatever so you know where your looking. Change your Light to Spot so you can use the Light View feature to position, probably as a back light. 7,7,7 is a good start then ~-135 H, -35P but use the lightview to fine tune. That's part of the test.

Set up you Cam so you can see your scene plusthe light. Do the same for Perpective.

Change your light to an IES type & load one then switch to VPR. You may have to really crank the intensity, like 14100%. Once you can comfortably see things, go to Light View. Is it still focused where you thought it was?

Now go back to Camera or Perspective view.

Now switch back to Spot & repeat.

Doesn't do this for me in 11.6; does in 2015 & 2018.5.