View Full Version : Vampire Objects - Object specific reflection exclusion?

06-06-2018, 11:51 PM
Is there a way to set reflection on an object by object basis, like you can tell lights to ignore certain objects?

I guess in point of fact that's not exactly what I want to do this time. I want reflective object A to not see object X, but I do want all my other reflective objects to reflect object X.

I have a shiny car, broken into a lot of parts and a lot of surfaces, and I have a reflective ground, and I have an invisible to the camera globe with a warbly texture on it to make the reflections look cool. It looks great on the car, and it looks good on the ground in still frames, but now that it is spinning, it is distracting on the ground. So I want the ground to still reflect all the car stuff, but not the globe. Can I do that?

I know I could by setting it as a reflection map on all my surfaces, but there's a lot of them...