View Full Version : DVApp and Firewire to a DSR11?

Tom Wood
12-28-2003, 11:59 AM
To satisfy my own curiosity, I'd like to compare the image quality between the Y/C and DV out through firewire. I'm doing all Lightwave and Mirage generated imagery and I'm losing color intensity in Y/C that I'm hoping will not happen in DV via firewire.

::edit:: (DVApp wouldn't load)



Using VT3 Patch 1 (has the smoke cleared on Patch2?)

EDIT: When clicking on it again, I got DVApp to load, but it says GetCapability returned an unknown device type - 0x1387, can't determine camera/vcr mode, and it doesn't keep up with the timecode. The colors are definitely better, but the -audio- seems off. Auugghhh....

EDIT2: Got DVApp to work even with the error messages by deselecting the DSR11 in the Switcher and closing VT3. Image quality is night and day better than Y/C, but I'm used to seeing these computer generated TGA image sequences in full glory in Mirage and as RTVs in TED.

Paul Lara
12-28-2003, 12:41 PM
Originally posted by Tom Wood
The colors are definitely better, but the -audio- seems off.

...which is why you need Update 2!

Tom Wood
12-28-2003, 03:22 PM
Thanks Paul,

Tomorrow, when customer support is around. I just seem to botch it every time.