View Full Version : Is "Additional" doing us any favors?? / user UN-assigned tools

05-07-2018, 12:11 PM
In LWM, at least, newly loaded plugins seem to be tossed willy nilly into the "Utilities/Plugins/Additional" menu.

The Menu Editor has a feature that shows when a plugin/script/tool has been assigned a button: if it has, it is listed in a lighter font. IOW, UNassigned p/s/t 's are fully darkened fonts.

If things are automatically put in Additional, they are never shown darkened in the Menu editor.

In short, IMO the "Additional" menu is a misfeature. A change I would make would be to add an asterisk by the CATEGORY to show that there were unassigned p/s/t 's within that category (see mockup):