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05-04-2018, 04:51 AM
Hi everyone, first of all.... sorry for my english :oye:

There's a way to send the countdown timer 'till the end of a clip in DDR1 (or 2) through NDI to PC or Tablet?

It's usefull for our anchorman to know when the CLIP is near the end.

I try datalinks with no results :oye:

I have a TC1 :)

Thanks for your help :)

05-04-2018, 07:35 AM
Off the top of my head, the only thing that comes to mind is to view the DDR player controls shown on the "Media" webpage in LivePanel. That's not ideal for your more limited purpose, I'm afraid.

There is an open development case that, if implemented, would provide the relevant DataLink keys, and then you could set this up fairly easily on an M/E, send it to NDI, and then view it with an NDI viewer on a laptop ... but I can say for sure when/if this might be implemented. (Note to self, this is case 93588.)

05-04-2018, 08:17 AM

There is a workaround method that I have thought of. This could potentially affect performance of TC1, so please test and make your own determination regarding suitability.

Install and run NDI Scan Converter on the TC1, from Windows screen of course, and set it to output Desktop 1. Then run the TriCaster software. You will then be able to choose the actual TriCaster User Interface screen as an NDI source into TC1.

Select that NDI source in an M/E, using Default 2 Layer set, and adjust Scale and Position to make the DDR counter easily readable. Perhaps use Cropping (Edges) to eliminate extra material, and then you could even superimpose the "timer" over the actual DDR video on Layer B for instance. Then in Output Configuration, route that M/E to one of the 4 MIX outputs to send out as NDI (and SDI).

When expanding the small timer text to a large size, it does get a bit fuzzy, but still readable. I also turned Saturation to 0 for the NDI Desktop input since it had some rainbow color noise in the NDI image.


Wait, just had maybe a better idea - show the DDR PROGRESS BAR, which provides visual cues - Yellow at 10 seconds and Red at 5 second and of course the playhead moving to right to end the clip. Might be easier to see!


Hope this helps!


05-04-2018, 08:28 AM
Yeah, I thought of that too, but I think running Scan Converter is definitely counter-recommended, if not actually prevented.

05-04-2018, 08:38 AM
I use NDI Scan Converter for doing remote demos and training. The TriCaster UI screen (as NDI output) is picked up on another PC using NDI Monitor, and that screen is then sent to remote viewer using TeamViewer, works great! Or for creating training tutorials, the Scan Converter NDI output comes back into TriCaster to be recorded. Or record on another PC using various methods such as NDI IsoRecorder or record as H.264 using OBS software.

I've not encountered any performance issues doing this (even on old 455 upgraded to 460 AE) but as I stated originally, attempt at own risk ;-)



05-04-2018, 08:41 AM
I would not get too attached to that workflow, just sayin' ...

05-04-2018, 08:51 AM
If you are just sayin' that Newtek intends to kill off that ability, I will not be a happy camper....just sayin'

Maybe I could use vMix Desktop Capture instead though? Hmmm...

EDIT: for MANY YEARS, I have struggled when performing TriCaster demos for groups and at trade shows, to get the TriCaster UI screen duplicated out to a projector or big screen. Have tried all kinds of adapters and such, and it was always hit and miss and less than ideal. Being able to use NDI Scan Converter has 100% solved that issue, so please don't disable it. Will actually be hurting your own dealers' presentations! Using NDI, that lets me simply run TriCaster PROG output directly to a projector, but switch between any source - including UI - directly from the TriCaster, no external switches or any other funny-business. Or being forced to choose (due to hard-wiring) whether to show UI or PROG on Projector, with no ability then to switch them.

Maybe I misunderstood the intent of your post (don't get used to it...) and I hope that is perhaps the case? If so, my apologies ;-)

05-04-2018, 09:08 AM
Or a Spark inline with your monitor.

05-04-2018, 09:25 AM
Maybe I misunderstood the intent of your post (don't get used to it...) and I hope that is perhaps the case? If so, my apologies ;-)You did not, and no apology necessary. I understand the desire, but then I could say that of a number of things that would be nice but which are not recommended.

On the plus side, the new KVM feature provides what you want and a good deal more (admittedly not free). If that's not appealing, there are always hardware options (including Spark, as Lee has mentioned).

Zane Condren
05-04-2018, 09:26 AM

NDI KVM removes the need for Scan Converter. That being said the next version of NDI Scan Converter moves the processing from the CPU to the GPU which will likely cause issues on a TC.

05-04-2018, 10:56 AM
Hi Zane,

That makes sense with the GPU, thanks for clarifying the issue. Personally, I have no need to run Scan Converter on TC for actual live events, but as stated it sure is handy for demos, tutorial creation and such.



05-05-2018, 07:15 AM
Thanks to all for the answers.

Thank you JPuliera, it's a very clever solution, I'll try it, but not in live production. Stability is the First thing in my production... everything more is welcome. But Stability First of All.

Thanks also to SBowie, I hope function will be inplemented soon... :)

LeeAvp... I don't think it works :(
I need to see on stage in a "monitor" (computer/television/tablet/phone...) the countdown of the DDR(1 or 2).


05-07-2018, 10:04 AM
What I mean is that you would use the Spark to capture the interface components you want, then build your "stage view" in an ME using elements you're capturing. Same idea as Jeff proposed, but without running Scan Converter on your Tricaster.

05-07-2018, 10:49 AM
Yes, Lee has a very good idea with the Spark unit, that will work



05-08-2018, 01:33 AM
that's brilliant!!! Great Idea Lee! Now I don't have a Spark but I try to get one as soon as I can :)
Thank you!

05-17-2018, 02:14 PM
I second using the Spark. It is part of our workflow specifically for capturing the main TC1 display, and we've been very happy with it.