View Full Version : FReq: method for retaining currently unused bitmaps in LWM/ Reference images

04-29-2018, 12:10 PM
In LWM, if a bitmap is unused by any textures, it is not subsequently reloaded when the object is reloaded.

While constructing meshes, it is often convenient to have a reference image that is not actually used in the mesh itself, but is used during construction. It is INconvenient if that image is auto-purged by the application.

While users can make a Surface which's only purpose is to retain a bitmap, I suggest a better method could easily be devised.

I suggest all loaded images references (i.e., path & name) be retained by LWOs so that, when reloaded, they are available to the user.

An "autopurge" user preference toggle could preserve the current method. Also, this would imply a "PURGE" command to give the user control of when bitmaps are purged from working memory.