View Full Version : Layers Panel: "SHOW ALL ENABLED LAYERS" button / "Layer Sets"

04-28-2018, 01:30 PM
There's no such thing as native "Layer Sets" yet, right?

As I build objects in LWM, some layers are enabled (the 'eyeball') for use in Layout, and some are not, as they are used only in construction.

It's a PITA to select a bunch of enabled layers to see how they relate to each other. A single button to select or foreground ALL enabled layers would be convenient.

As a UI method, CLICKING on the 'eyeball' column, which doesn't seem to have any function currently, would be a simple, logical way to approach this. RIGHT-CLICKING on the eyeball column head should be used to implement other "enabled-centric" functions, such as below.

MORE GENERALLY, the ability to create "Layer Sets" to foreground and/or background as needed would be very welcome. RIGHT CLICKING the eyeball column head could reveal a dialog that would allow the user to create&name Layer Sets, which would be added to a (default 3-item) scrolling list at the bottom of the Layers Panel. Clicking on a list item would foreground that Layer Set. Shift clicking would ADD the Layer Set to the currently foregrounded Layers. Right-clicking oar ctrl-clicking would subtract a Layer Set from the selected foreground layers. {etc etc}

A freeware plugin does implement layer sets (or at least ONE set) but that's no reason not to implement this BETTER, natively.