View Full Version : FReq: Fixing content directory 'system' / "Revert to Content Paths" button

04-20-2018, 12:20 PM
The content directory feature, especially in LWM, doesn't work well. To whit:

1) Some plugins that load files will change the load paths.

2) Loading ONE mesh that is not in the content path changes the load paths.

3) SAVING a mesh out of the save paths changes the paths.

The CONTENT DIRECTORY paths should:

1) supersede all other paths.
2) be easy as possible to revert to, ie ONE CLICK. iow, a "REVERT TO CONTENT PATHS" button in the load/save dialogs.

04-20-2018, 01:53 PM
Y'know, it's worse than I thought:

I decided, since LWM would NOT go back to the Content Directory after shutdown, because I had the temerity to save something on another path, once, 3 sessions ago, I'd set it to some random directory, then reset to the real CD.

So I did.

THEN, when I went to open the mesh again, suddenly I was back to the correct path.

This is REALLY f****** annoying, and it's been that annoying for A Very Long Time. While g.d rocket science is getting done with render engines, SIMPLE file handling is pathetic.

I >hope< they go out of business.