View Full Version : Bug with multiple camera focal envelopes and front projection

Mr Rid
04-17-2018, 10:29 PM
I have a scene with a major bug. It randomly loses the camera Focal Length envelope when I scrub the frame slider, or during F10 render. If I delete the only Front Projection mapped object in the scene, the problem mostly goes away, but not entirely.

I attached a minimized version of the scene here, containing two cameras and one Front Projection Mapped object. One problem is that the scene allows only one camera to have a Focal envelope, but not both. When I apply a Focal envelope to both cameras, one or the other will lose it's Focal envelope after I select back and forth. There is a conflict between the two camera Focal envelopes when one is associated with a Front Projection Map.

I need multiple cameras for a few different tricks. But if I remove the Front Projection object from the scene, then both cameras keep their Focal envelopes. But if I delete one camera, it crashes the scene. Even with only one camera, and no front projection, the single camera still occasionally loses it's Focal envelope at some point, in the final scene.

Am wondering if anyone else encountered these issues.