View Full Version : UDIM Workflow Wuestion: Exporting EPS of UV view

04-12-2018, 02:59 PM
I'm still a little confused about the workflow with UDIMs.

The old way, all you needed to do was export the UV view as an EPS. I'm not sure if this is also true when using a UDIM.

Here are some screen grabs:


Do I add texture in Affinity the same way, or should I crop each UDIM tile and then texture.
I know you're supposed to save the texture files as name_1001 and so on.

It'd be easier for me if I could export an EPS of an UDIM tile instead of the whole UDIM.

04-13-2018, 07:32 AM
No one knows?

04-13-2018, 07:46 AM
Every UDIM tile should be cropped and be painted and saved as it's own texture file. That's the whole beauty with UDIM, So you can have independent resolution of every tile.

04-13-2018, 08:17 AM
Right, it'd just be nice if LW could export the UDIM tile so I don't have to go through all of that.