View Full Version : Audio is lost when switching between the inputs !!!!

Nithin Pradeep
04-10-2018, 04:16 AM
Hello :newtek: Developers,
I have faced several issues while developing a plugin for NDI,most of them were rectified and somehow i was able to run a full fledged NDI Trans-Receiver,
but the Issue that i am facing right now has been eating my brain since last one week.
I am using a switcher like input which switches between two files(Taking two files as input and NDI as output),Initially when it is running everything seems fine ,but when i switch the input only video frames are received and audio is lost,its not the problem with the Receiver code since i've got the same experience using :newtek: STUDIO MONITOR and NDI example C++ codes.

The buffer time stamp is fine till iam using :
NDIlib_util_send_send_audio_interleaved_32f(ps_sel f->p1_output_ndi->pv_send_instance, &(ps_self->p1_output_ndi->s_float_32_audio_frame));
function ,
since this function returns void i am not able to check whether my call is correct or not.

please help me solve this bug.
Waiting for a reply from NewTek.