View Full Version : AR-Portfolio coming very, very soon

04-04-2018, 09:28 AM
Hi guys!

I've seen some amazing things being built with AR-Showcase, and I think I might have to do a demo reel :)

But, I'll have the new version, AR-Portfolio online today. It's going to cost around $50. I know people were expecting this to be closer to $30.

So, existing ARKit and ARCore users will get a free upgrade, which includes anyone who buys in before I put the new version out. Once the new one is out, these two will become part of it, and will not be available separately. So if you want in at the reduced price, this is your last chance. Either of these gets the free upgrade:

Once the new version is online, I'll post some new videos showing all of the cool new stuff you can do with it, and users will get access to a secret web page on L3D that will have constantly updated notes and videos on new features and new ways to make money using AR. My goal with this project is to create a little microcosm of AR users who are able to easily push the boundaries of what AR is used for.