View Full Version : UV Maps to UDIMs in Lightwave 2018 ?

03-21-2018, 06:21 PM

Does anyone know how to convert UV Maps to UDIMs please ?

I UV Mapped a character in Zbrush and now need to create UDIMs for those UVs, in order to

export as FBX to Substance Painter.

Thank You.

03-21-2018, 06:48 PM


This should help.

03-22-2018, 12:22 AM
Thank you BigHache.

I already tried both links last night. There was a disparity between the tutorials and
what I saw in Lightwave. When I create the UDIMs and the image sequence,
the images don’t appear in a sequence either in the image editor or in the UV Map
View Port.

I had some luck creating UDIMS, but copying over
tbe UV maps, created in Zbrush was problematic. It worked, but with
a kind of ghost of vertex points behind the polygons in the UDIM UVs.

When I created the third UDIM, 1003, the UDIM became corrupted visually.

I am probably doing this all wrong. Does anyone know of a better way please ?

Thank you.

03-22-2018, 04:44 PM
Hmm, weird.

OK, I did about as basic a test as one could do. I created 3 images of primary(ish) colors, saving as "test_1001", "test_1002", and "test_1003".
Imported "test_1001" and set image type to UDIM. Images appear correctly in Image Editor.


I made a cube, Atlas map, transforming UVs over UDIM area.
Everything seems to be working as expected.


I don't use ZBrush so I cannot account for challenges that may arise with that workflow.

03-22-2018, 05:06 PM
Hi Big Hache,

Thank you for the explanation.

I understand the workflow and it works fine for me also.

The workflow that I hope to use, is bringing in a number of mesh from Zbrush,
then merging the number of mesh together as a character.

Next I would want to somehow convert the individual
UV maps into UDIMs.

I have had some success using copy/ paste UVs, but sometimes
with imperfect results.

Does anyone know a workaround for this please ?

Thank You.

03-24-2018, 01:28 PM
Hello Big Hache,

I didn't realize that just the first image in the sequence should be loaded into the image editor. Everything works as expected, thank you.

More over, using the Copy Vertex Map option in the Vertex Maps panel, I could easily create UDIMs on seperate layers for each object, then combine into one set of UDIMs.

My next step is to attempt the same with an imported OBJ from Zbrush :D

Thank you.

03-25-2018, 09:00 AM
OK great! Glad you got that sorted. I wasn't sure what else to offer up.

03-25-2018, 01:37 PM
Hi BigHache,

I am still struggling to bring the Zbrush UVs into LW UDIMs.

I will post my results here if I ever figure this out.

03-27-2018, 04:37 PM
Hi, Update :D

I figured out how to use Zbrush UV maps with UDIMs in LW2018.

After using GOZ, to bring a ZBRUSH low poly mesh into LW,

the next step was to load sequenced images, name_1001 to, name_ however

many images you need.

I opened up the existing UV map and separated out each map

into the UDIM space. This was achieved by simply

selecting the polygons of each map and moving each

in units of 1 meter, with the action center set to selection, the

distance in meters required, with the ctrl key held down.

That’s the basics of it. Worked a charm.

Exported out to FBX and Bob’s your Unckle.