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03-21-2018, 01:32 PM
I'd like to be able to build complex graphics using an M/E then feed that to a DSK WITH an Alpha channel. Currently the output of the M/E has a black background.

The simplest way to do this is to simply honor the alpha data in the last M/E layer the same way you do the other seven layers. Add a check box to disable this function for those occasions when you want a black background.

03-21-2018, 02:00 PM
I understand what you're asking for, but just want to mention that you can kind of do this now using the M/E's LiveMatte features - not the same, but useful anyway.

03-21-2018, 02:47 PM
Yeah, I'm just imagining a big macro driven sports scoreboard system with no external computer necessary. Everything is there ( 8 layers, comps, animated buffers etc.) to implement it except the alpha channel from the M/E.

03-22-2018, 08:12 PM
Is there a tutorial / quick tip to the Live Matte Feature somewhere?

03-23-2018, 09:19 AM
Live Matte tutorial video: https://vimeo.com/90171613

03-26-2018, 09:50 PM
I used the alpha method but it also meant no transparencies in the items in the ME

04-03-2018, 11:50 AM
What if you right click on the preview monitor, select say M/E1, click on the gear and access LiveMatte for the M/E?

04-06-2018, 12:34 PM
@Stream - I've done this before adding an additional layer to a default Live set with a solid 'Key' Color from a buffer with sometimes effective results. Earlier I missed the fact that LiveMatte is what they Keying technology is called.

Under an ME / Live Set Picker / Utilities - there is a Garbage Matte and Inhibit Matte - Does anyone know how these are used and if they are useful in the above situation?

04-06-2018, 01:40 PM
My recollection is that these are basically inversions of one anther. On uses a layer to act as a typical garbage matte for the key, while the other prevents the keyer from removing background color where the matte layer is opaque.