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03-21-2018, 11:05 AM
How do I change the node ID of the NRC service?

I deleted the default computer name in front of "NRC Service" during installation of LW on the controller/main workstation. Now that I'm setting up NRC on other network boxes, I need to rename the host/controller's NRC ID to match the naming convention I'm using for the other boxes node IDs.

03-22-2018, 08:45 AM
HA!! Found it!

Run NRC Controller with no active jobs.

For Windows, go to: C:\Program Data\NRC\config_xxxxxxxxxxxx (12-digit hex number)

Right-click > Properties > Security > check permissions and set to read/write if not.

Open in text editor.


service_path=C:\\Lightwave_2018\\bin\\nrc_service. exe

id=NRC Service <<<<<<<<<<<<<< there it is! Node Id name as shown in NRC controller! Change as desired.
fallback_base=29572Save file.

Click Windows Start button, type Services, run Services, find and double click on 'Lightwave 2018.0.2 NRC Service,' click Stop. Wait until node in NRC Controller disappears, Click Start in Services. Node reappears renamed in NRC.

No clue how this works on a Mac (services, stopping/starting, etc.) but editing the config file should be the same (probably located in Library > Prefs) and a reboot would no doubt work to "refresh."

However, there isn't an entry for setting the LWSN window to VISIBLE, instead of the default HIDDEN. Diagnostics=1 didn't do it. Bummer, cuz I like to see the shell window and the higher detailed console output.