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03-19-2018, 03:27 AM

On a request from my senior at work (who is japanese and does not understand english that well himself), there is something I want to ask if it is possible to achieve or not using the 3Play. I'm sorry if the explanation lacks important points or information, but I'll try to explain want he wants to do as good as I can.

To my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong), the 3Play device is connected "inbetween" your PC and the Tricaster, and using a TCP/IP connection, he wants to for example, receive data(video?) from the 3Play device using whatever commands or method possible (I am sorry but I do not exactly now how this works), modifying that received data my for example, drawing on it using a pen drawing tool that he have made himself, and then send the modified data back to the 3Play device which is then sent further to the Tricaster (or whatever device it is) which then will show the final video/image on the screen.

So to put it short: Receive data(video) from a 3Play device, modify that data, and then send it back again, all this through a TCP/IP connection.

Once again, I'm sorry if this doesn't seem to make any sense, but I'm only asking this in place of my senior and this is the idea/image I got from his explanation of what he wants to do. Oh, and if this question way out of place and supposed to be asked/posted on another end of the forum, or not asked here and all, please inform me where or who I can ask to maybe get an answer about this, thank you.

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03-19-2018, 07:57 AM
Hi Mattias. As best I can tell, you are describing "telestration", which involves painting/drawing over a video image, typically in a sports replay situation. NewTek makes telestration software specifically for this purpose: https://www.newtek.com/software/telestrator/

03-19-2018, 08:41 AM
It certainly sounds like telestration. 3PLAY 3P1 system include a copy of NDI Telestrator Pro.

If the client is looking to build their own solution, this is certainly possible. 3PLAY 440/4800/3P1 systems have NDI output and also NDI input for the DSK. That would allow him/her to get video both in and out of the 3PLAY system over the network. It's also possible to control functions on the 3PLAY as well over the network, like play, stop, mark in/out. If you are running a 3P1 system you can get the status of functions or the current playback timecode.

The NDI SDK is free, you client just need to sign up for it. You can find a link for the SDK on this page. https://www.newtek.com/ndi/

03-20-2018, 02:36 AM
Thank you both for your quick replies!

This "telestration" feature that you are speaking of might as well be one of the things that my senior wants to use, but I only used it as an example as one of many things that he wants to achieve using a TCP/IP network connection with the 3Play device., not necessarily the "only" thing he's after.

Either way, the NDI SDK seems to be the stuff we have been searching for and thanks to your advice, we feel like we are on the right path towards what we want to achieve.

Thank you again for your quick and informative support, and you can mark this "problem" as "fixed".

If there's anything else in the future that we just no matter what can solve ourselves, I hope you don't mind contacting you again for advice.

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