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03-16-2018, 03:30 AM
When planning for an update from Lightwave 3D 11.6 to Lightwave 2018 I still hear the echo from users that have been laughing in my direction in the past. Some of the things I requested when talking of future possibilities in Lightwave havenīt been realized yet but most of the most basic things I requested for simplifying work processes are a reality today. So to those of you guys who preferred to wish for let things stay in the 90īs I just can send lots of love and positive energy with hope of you may have the best of days. No point fighting about things that canīt be changed but I would prefer less bullying and more visionary minds of how Newtek can be a stronger brand in the future that meet all industrial standards requested out there.

I must agree that I from time to time have wondered if Lightwave really is my kind of tool! I have used it since 1996 and admit that I am a slow starter that never learn more than necessary in a work process. I haven't got time to spend time in too complicated learning processes in sharp projects producing film and VFX for demanding customers.

I have met good and bad through the years as a waver but never been a technical monster interested in details or complicated solutions and when looking back in the mirror I am thankful for helping hands and real 3D-angels that have offered me so much patience and pedagogical kindness in this forum and thats probably the reason I still use a software that sometimes feels like a break pedal. Well enough of background issues and time to put some serious questions about the update:

1. I have experienced that some earlier updates have not been ready for the customer area, what about this latest update? Is it really there with fully functional parts of the suite that will not be excused later as child issues released too soon?

2. When the Fiber FX was released last time I updated it was promised to be excellent, but honestly I spent more time than I should have to find out that this part of Lightwave had big issues to integrate it in a fluent work process. So this new release does it live up to what it promise? My biggest issue was that it had no presets to use as start points when adding a wig or fur to an object. I admit it would have been an advantage to skip the the steep learning curve in sharp projects.

3. I can see that the Nevron that I bought but didnīt find user friendly at all are still a add on product. So why isn't the weakest link in Lightwave the Character Animation process with good adaptable presets for any character still available in the software itself? It feels that Lightwaves basic stand still are glued with its feet in an ancient world when its obvious that the gamer generation have forced easiness as a standard rather than the need of a submissive need of twist and tweak in detail to get to the point. I am not saying that DAZ3D, iClone, Sitepal or mocaps for Kinetic are optional but when even 3DMax accept that the future isn't waiting it might be time for Lightwave to jump on that train in the eleventh hour insted of sliding back on the time line.

I might be wrong and maybe the new update to Lightwave 2018 includes a fully integrated preset system in the character design part of the software. If not I found this inspirational video of what I requested 10 years ago.


4. About all the new features I havenīt heard about earlier as the new Volumetric Engine, New Lighting Architecture, New Layout-based Parametric Shapes I've got a question since I skipped all those extras in Lightwave years ago becuase the extremely long rendering times. I started up with adding all those extras with the help of third party developers of as VFX in After FX etc. What Newtek as a company announce about rendering times are less interesting than how users react when using these new features on for lets say one computer only? Is it slow, or is it a super slow slow render process connected to the new features?

P.S. Sorry if this message pop up as a identical copy but when I tried to send it the system asked me to log in again even if I was logged in!

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Is it anyone who know how to delete this thread?

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FiberFX works best when creating the hair fibers in Zbrush. It is the best version they have put out in a long time.