View Full Version : weight maps and instances

03-05-2018, 07:14 AM
Hi, all--

I've been trying to work with instances and weight maps and have limited success.

First, I created a basic plane and used the magnet tool to pull down a small hole for a lake then painted the map in the lake area.

Bringing this into Layout, I loaded an object that's a patch of grass and started instancing it around the lake area. Realizing the weight map was inverted, I used an invert node and it seemed to work.

However, I'm noticing the instances don't stick to the unmapped area perfectly. Some instances are in the lake area, not at the bottom or on the sides, but at 0 on the Y in the middle of it. That's problem #1.

The second issue I'm running into is using the Seed slider to arrange the instances. I drag the slider and can see the instances change, but as soon as I release the button, the seed number remains changed, but my instances go back to where the were originally. I can type in a number and change the seed, but the slider doesn't seem to keep new values.

This morning I tried to create a simple example to see if I could replicate this, but I can't even draw a weight map in Modeler now. I use the airbrush tool and can only change the map when clicking outside the object then dragging onto it.

My original model was made and weighted in 2018.0.1 and now I'm using the .0.2 update. Haven't been able to go back to the .0.1 release yet to try again, but will tomorrow.

Is anyone else running into these issues or am I missing something again?