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12-24-2003, 07:39 PM
there was a question about the sewing in LW8 about many many points to connect and how it's done without going insane after the first 50.

Would it be possable to make it so that:

whatever the forst point you select will automatically be called side A and the other side B.
Then after you select the second point, the computer will automatically go thru the object and pick the points from the selected points to the end of the row (as shown on video)
doing side A then B and continuing to end.

Then if you wanted to make a tear in cloth Or hole could it not be made to do:

Allow the user to pick the points that the hole should happen, then the computer automatically splits the polys at those points, names the polys connected to the points that go in a negative direction (no matter what window it is selected from there's a negative direction) side A and the other polys (in the positive direction) side B. Then the user selects a point 1 and a sew point 2 and the computer follows the above point selection example until it reaches the last point selected for tear.

this way we can say make a tire have a blowout, someones clothes rip, A motorcycle helmet crack open.
Stuff like that.

And if a programmer does it, do I get a discount (if not a free plug-in).;)

12-24-2003, 07:56 PM
pics for the second example