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02-26-2018, 07:11 AM

A few months ago I had an 'ah-ha!' moment with AR. One of my friends told me she'd totally redecorated her office. She used an augmented reality app for her phone, and knew ahead of time exactly where everything would go, and what it would look like. She spent hundreds of dollars on stuff she hadn't touched in the real world, and when it arrived, it fit in perfectly.

I started thinking, that same thing could be really useful for presentations. In fact, what if I sent people a presentation IN augmented reality? I love reusing stuff, so I started looking at how I could leverage augmented reality toolkits and some custom code, to make a 'factory' that you could use to churn out augmented reality apps. One for each model or scene you're working on.

So that's where we are here. You can use this dirt cheap toolkit along with a few other free apps (and I'll walk you through all of it in the videos), to build your own augmented reality apps. I did all of the programming for you. You just drag and drop, click a few buttons, and you're done! There's 40 minutes of videos showing how to use it and walking you through the steps. Once it's all set up, you can reuse it to create a new app in about 3 minutes.


You can get it here:

Note that right now it's ARCore only, so Android only for now.

I'll be refitting the ARKit toolkit I released a few weeks ago with this for the ARKit users, and a little after that I'll post a Vuforia version for even more devices.


02-26-2018, 07:46 AM
Cool Chilton! Thanks! Any reason LW 2015 can't be used with this? Just wondering. Purchased!

02-26-2018, 08:54 AM
Thank you. This works great with 2015, too.

Please let me know if you have any problems at all with it. I want this to be the easiest way possible to make a quick showcase app.


02-26-2018, 09:04 AM
Sure.. I'll try to give this a whirl tonight hopefully.

02-26-2018, 09:32 AM
Chilton, can you jump on Skype when you can?

02-26-2018, 10:41 AM
I got it too. Interesting thingie! Thanks Chilton.

02-26-2018, 11:42 AM
Thank you Allabulle! Please let me know if you have any problems at all.


02-26-2018, 01:10 PM
By next week I'll hopefully have some time to play with it. I'll contact you if needed, thanks. Intriguing indeed, the workflow and the possibilities it can bring. Eager to test it properly for sure.

02-26-2018, 08:33 PM
After spending part of the day trying this on a Windows 10 machine from scratch, I see there's a big dumb list of crap that you have to sort through just to make Android build properly. Just to get to the point where my software kicks in. It's crazy. I've had this stuff already set up for so long I didn't know the process was so broken.

So I'm editing another video that walks you through the process from scratch.

I'll be adding it to the product when that's done, and I'll send a copy to everyone who bought a copy of the AR Showcase Factory already.


02-27-2018, 07:50 AM
Awesome... thanks! Was just tinkering with Android Studio... was gonna ask you about a few things. Sounds like you are already on top of things. Thank you, Chilton!

03-22-2018, 10:44 PM
Is there a way to project the AR in real scale as you modelled it in lightwave?
So we can project a furniture that's 1x2 m into a 10x10 m room?

03-23-2018, 08:00 PM
Is there a way to project the AR in real scale as you modelled it in lightwave?
So we can project a furniture that's 1x2 m into a 10x10 m room?

I'm not 100% sure I am correct about what you're asking, but there is a 1:1 relationship between size in Modeler and in the AR Portfolio. So a 1m box in modeler will be 1m in the real world.

03-23-2018, 08:52 PM
This is an early version of the promo material for AR Portfolio, which will be replacing AR Showcase. AR Showcase users will get a free upgrade.



04-04-2018, 04:28 AM
Thanks Chilton, looks very interesting. I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and purchased AR Showcase :)

04-04-2018, 04:47 AM
Cool. Looking forward to the upgrade.

Thanks for this resource, Chilton. I will make it part of my class as it looks like the perfect, complex, end of year project to assign. Good mix of tools and synergy.

04-04-2018, 09:29 AM
Thanks guys!

I'm posting the AR-Portfolio today. Anyone who bought in with AR-Kit or AR-Showcase will get a free upgrade.

And if you still want in at the lower price, pick up one of those before I post AR-Portfolio and you're in.


04-04-2018, 11:44 AM
Fantastic news Chilton :thumbsup:
I have both titles, will we get an email with links to the new content?

04-04-2018, 06:50 PM
Yes you will!