View Full Version : Surfaces For Archvis in 2018

Ron Schatz
02-15-2018, 12:07 PM
Ok, Surfaces, I am a Acrhvis guy from the start (on raptor card in a AM2000 running LW3.3)
Now, over the years I have up dated my surface library to be pretty deep, Image maps are the core of my surface needs.
Today LW2015.3 and LWCAD, dimension+ and others make up the 3d tool box with and new addition of Sketchup (I use the warehouse to find some parts)

So if standard surfaces are not apart of new world order, what is the new button for placing bricks, siding, roofs, walks.... millwork, counter tops.... that render quick?

After using Lumion and Twinmotion for last 3 Months, I find those surfaces a pain to size with any precision like I had (have) in LW , But they take in the UV surfaces pretty good, UV maps in LW not fun thou.
I feel pretty confused these days, 2018 can do nice art pieces, cool glass and translucent materials, has a new rendering engine, and , and .. the interface feels good and a lot of other nice details are great with 2018,
I build a lot big homes and buildings with LW and know it to well to change to an Autodesk product, I can model anything in modeler, somethings are clunky, but a lot of things are not, 8hrs to model a 9BR home then stuff it into Twinmotion and walk the building with the Architect and owner the next day at there office the following day, comes around sometimes, having a large library of surfaces and objects helps speed things up.

The Rendering times and output for 2018 are not there, other post are deal with that.

So who is up for having a building material library or settings tab for building materials.
How do we (the Lw community) make that happen, what can we help with.
Can we use Substance to make LW surfaces?

Make some 3rd party presets (someone)

Thanks for read