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Mats Andersen
02-07-2018, 11:56 AM
Hi - another one that I cant figure out :-)

Pre 2018 I used a simple gradient with particle age as input parameter in order to manipulate hypervoxel appearance.

Now I attempt to achieve the same by using the particle info node - particle age throug a gradient node and then apply that to say , radius or scattering scale etc etc. I am not using legacy HV.

The problem begins when the gradient does not have a value system. only color or alpha. So a lot of trial and error is needed instead of simply dial in f.ex the radius you want for the particle volumes.

I understand that the node catn really "see" on what parameter you apply its out put - or its cant see what comes after, so perhaps there is another way of doing this? Any tips?

Another thing with the gradient as you put particle age into it.
It seems though that default is seconds and not frames that is used. Hopfully there is some way also to use frames here?



02-11-2018, 06:46 AM
Maybe take a look at this, not sure if it helps..
you would probably need a curve or gradient node, so feeding the relative or normal particle age in to that, in this case I however got a multiply node.


Thread here...

02-11-2018, 01:46 PM
Some corrections, currently I am not getting any good result or control over particle age, and mixing with some kind of gradient or curve, I may not be using them correctly or using native nodes for it may not be the best way?
so using a wrap node and feed a bias funciton or maybe a clamp funcion will help a bit, see images..
Unfortunately, I think the new volumetrics on particles is Way to slow, at least with any decent quality....shame since the blackbody illumination is nice, the old hypervoxels on particles " WITHIN 2018! IS FASTER..