View Full Version : Problem getting de-interlacing in receiver to work

02-06-2018, 08:47 AM

I'm creating my NDI receiver as follows, because I don't want to receive interlaced video:

NDIlib_recv_create_t NDI_recv_create_desc;
NDI_recv_create_desc.color_format = NDIlib_recv_color_format_e_BGRX_BGRA;
NDI_recv_create_desc.source_to_connect_to = p_sources[0];
NDI_recv_create_desc.allow_video_fields = false;
NDIlib_recv_instance_t pNDI_recv = NDIlib_recv_create_v2(&NDI_recv_create_desc);

However, it seems that this still results in me getting a frame containing two fields when I connect to an interlaced source. When I connect to the same source with the Studio Monitor application, I don't see the two fields. Am I doing something wrong when creating my receiver? Does Studio Monitor rely on this same mechanism to do de-interlacing?

I'm running on Windows using the latest SDK (v3.0.0.12).


02-16-2018, 04:53 AM
Further information: when I set allow_video_fields to false, I receive frames that have their frame_format_type set to progressive, but both fields are visible in the frame.