View Full Version : Surface-based displacements?

02-05-2018, 06:02 AM
My friend used to use Poser and one of the cool ideas he had was to create flat meshes and have hi-res image maps drive bump-based displacement to give the illusion of structure. Imagine that you had a simple bowl shaped mesh around a character's head and, with the combination of displacement and opacity maps, you could get a variety of different helmet styles. The idea is awesome but the thing he hated about the displacement system in Poser is that there was no proper polygon 'smoothing' after the displacement and that there was a lot of graininess when it came to shiny and reflective surfaces. Anyway, the basic concept was awesome and I thought I would try it in LW2018.

Unfortunately, things work differently in regards to displacement between Poser and LW. In Poser, you could do displacements per surface and the displacements were based on the image resolution and not the mesh resolution. Meshes didn't need to be nurbed either. In LW, I have to set up the displacement via nodes or the object properties. The object HAS to be nurbed and it is mesh based.

Is there any way that I can set it up in LW so that I can control the mesh height 'simply' per surface (meaning: I can type in the value of the bump rather than guessing what colour greyscale is needed to get the height I want.)?

Also, is there a way that the displacement can be based on the image resolution or is it already hard programmed into LW that it can only be mesh+nurb based?

If it actually is possible to have the displacement resolution based on the image resolution then I'm hoping that smoothing would be possible afterwards to, unlike the reflective rendering mess in Poser.

If anyone knows if this is possible, I'd be happy with any info that can be provided.

Revanto :p