View Full Version : character modelling?

12-23-2003, 06:50 PM
If it were up to you would you model a character the point by point method or would you start with a bass object like a square, and why choice one over the other. I personally used the first one, with the tutorial in inside lightwave 7. Thanx for the insight:D

12-23-2003, 11:14 PM
I tend to start with a box/poly and do the whole subd/bevel/knife/bandsaw thing. :)

Why? No reason other then its how I work and its how I can get stuff done quickly and without too much fuss...

I can visualise the basic form very quickly, and start seeing the 'look' of what I am modelling in a few minutes. Point-by-point is a good way as well - I've seen some awesome work done this way, and when you're comfortable with the techniques and can 'see' the things you need to do then it may be the better method, but for me it takes longer - and I'm impatient! lol! ;)

If I need to do anything that I can't do by box quickly, I'll spline instead - Same reason - Base form is quick to see.

Plus seeing your work appear on screen so fast really helps motivate and keep you going on a project.

Overall its no different then the choice of 3D software you use. In the end, I say you should just use the technique that gets you the results and in a way that you can work comfortably. Don't just use a method cause it might be better for someone else - I've seen a few people doing this.

Have a great Christmas! :)