View Full Version : PTZ Camera NDI

01-27-2018, 11:35 AM
Couple Q's on the PTZ Cam:

1. Panning is really rough. It's not smooth. We have a presenter that paces a lot and it is very jerky to try and keep up. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity and variable speed panning & or Tilt.

2. Even when you stop panning or zooming- often the Camera continues ( I think its actually the TC1 Control panel joystick behavior). Is there a way that when you take your hand off the control stick that the camera stops doing that process?

3. Focus gets off really easy and cannot rely on the auto very well. Is there a way to program the top button on hte control stick to start/stop auto-focus?

I will say that if you have a static shot with a non-moving target that the PTZ is really nice. For example if someone walks up to a microphone to talk and they don't move around you can zoom in on them and take that shot. If the next person is much shorter- you can make the adjustment for them.