View Full Version : Issue with non-interpolated Brute Force GI Intensity and Diffuse Indirect Buffer

01-25-2018, 09:37 AM
while evaluating LW2018, Iím noticing an issue with non-interpolated Brute Force GI and the Diffuse Indirect Buffer that I actually cannot explain to me.

The case:
A scene, lit by non-interpolated BFGI (Sample Bckdrop = ON).

The Issue:
Varying ĄRender Properties > GI > MC / BF IntensityĒ seems to have absolutely no effect on the Diffuse Indirect Buffer.
I.e. setting BFGI to an Intensity of 200% brightens the Final Color output, but Diffuse Indirect Buffer remains unchanged.

In compositing, one needs to add a 2nd Diffuse Indirect Buffer additively on top of the first one to achieve the same result as with Final Color alone.

Brightening the Backdrop Image itself in the Texture Editor has (as to expect) an effect on the Diffuse Indirect Buffer, but this way does alter the overall shading and cannot be used for that purpose.

As HDRI Backdrop images often need some adjustments, I would like to know if

- this is an intended behaviour
- where does the altered GI intensity information go to (i.e. which Buffer)?

(This issue ONLY applies to Non-interpolated BFGI - interpolated mode works as expected. Itís on LW2018.x-Mac, but I donít expect OS platforms to have any effect on this issue).

Insights and/or verification welcome!