View Full Version : Comparison of legacy Hypervoxel behavior between Lightwave 2015 and 2018

01-18-2018, 03:44 PM
I'm just dipping into 2018. The first thing I usually do with new versions is load in my own legacy scenes to see what blows up. This makes me laugh and likely serves no useful purpose. Loading a 2015-era Hypervoxels scene based on particles results in this:

The classic camera no longer seems to exist. This scene used it, with keyframed attributes. Thus, the field of view and general area in which the camera is pointing is quite different.

Lightwave 2018 ignored the frame rate of the scene. It was originally saved at 24fps, but it loaded into 2018 at 30fps. Manually changing it back caused the emitter actions to line up again.

2018's legacy Hypervoxels do not honor the particle age as a size parameter, at least as set in legacy scenes. Thus Hypervoxel particles do not shrink down to nuffing over time as they used to, but "pop" out of existence.

Hypervoxels look different in 2018. The blending and rendering is different. Rendering time is much longer (see image for notes).

SAVE TO CLIPBOARD in the render window does not seem to work. Pasting the image into Photoshop doesn't cause anything to happen.

Anyway, that's just some playing around I did. I'm not sure how to post images, so I'll put the link here in more than one format:




01-18-2018, 04:03 PM
Ok..I got a hypervoxels VS new volumetrics in a thread as well, but that mostly deals with hypervoxels volume mode and the new volumetrics ..which is volumetric exclusive.

and for that record, hypervoxels legacy in volume mode in 2018 is much faster than in hypervoxels legacy in 2015, but the point for you I guess..

You are showcasing surface mode right? I havenīt gotten around to check that, it looks like surface mode with high reflection on and...How many particles?
it may have something to do with render settings for rays and reflection, refraction etc..

01-18-2018, 09:52 PM
I just discovered that if I reset the "particle age" gradient - even to the identical original value - it "takes" in 2018 for some reason. I can get the graduated size back, but I can't get the keyframed focal length/etc classic camera back. Not a problem, just an observation. I'm getting some weird rendering artifacts I'm still tinkering with.

Newtek apparently didn't pull off what users have been demanding: Lightwave should be powerfully new and different, but also exactly the same.