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01-17-2018, 07:35 PM
Question for the hive -

When programming a macro to trigger a take (or auto) for a DSK it does exactly that. If it's on - it will turn it off, if off, it'll turn it off.

Is there a way to set the macro to trigger the 'state' of the dsk to 'on or off'regardless of it's previous state?

I would use this to 'reset' the Upstream key on an ME prior to continuing on with the macro during a closing sequence for example.



01-17-2018, 11:54 PM
Hello !
I faced the same trouble as you. The cheating trick that I use is to always set the KEY On and record a macro that is changing the size of the DSK.
ON : Size 100% (or the size you need)
OFF : Size 0%
Depending On what you wanna do it could work but if someone as a better idea I'm listening too !

You can also save several M/E presets (One with the key On and the other with the key off) and recall them with macros.

01-18-2018, 02:36 AM
Hi all,

you can try : shortcut=main_dsk#_value, value=1 for only on, value=0 for only off

That one is for a DSK, but I guess it should work the same way on a ME keyer if needed.

Cheers from Switzerland.


01-18-2018, 02:48 AM

01-18-2018, 09:28 AM
When making macros for M/Es, v1 = M/E 1, v2 = M/E 2, etc.

To turn M/E 1, Keyer 1 to ON, use:

(shortcut) v1_dsk1_value (value) 1

For M/E 1, Keyer 2, use v1_dsk2_value

(value) 1 is ON
(value) 0 is OFF

This macro turns M/E 1, Keyer 1 ON for 3 seconds, then turns it OFF


01-25-2018, 07:44 AM
Also to further this, if you were ever in the situation where you wanted to attached BKG+DSK1 and preform a take use this macro code.

(shortcut) main_take (value) 0

this will honor your multi delegate selection.

by default when macros record yourself performing this action, it gives you a macro code of (shortcut) main_bkg_take (value) 0 - this is wrong and wont help your DSK situation.

02-08-2018, 03:30 PM
In a better late than never - Thanks for the help - It worked like a charm!