View Full Version : Primitive parametric shapes, not working with particles, nor instancing?

01-10-2018, 11:12 AM
Parametric shapes as seen in some scene sampes are really cool with all the detail, thought I may be useful for rock, pebbles..and replacing hypervoxels for stuff like that.
But it seems it isnīt working with particles, if you make a particle emitter a shape, it will only be just as one item, not instanced over at the particles.

Tried to use a null and make that a parametric shape, and trying to instance them on the particles using instances, that doesnīt work here either.

Can someone confirm if you can work that out, or if itīs a limitation.

The shapes as well as the volumetric system seem only half way in to the implementation in order to replace hypervoxels in some cases, the volumetric system can not work on point clusters, only particles..but the volumetric system isnīt a sprite or surface based system so that wont work either it seems.

01-11-2018, 10:26 AM
Yeah, this really needs to be addresed!

Ryan Roye
01-11-2018, 03:36 PM
Can someone confirm if you can work that out, or if itīs a limitation.

The manual explains that it is a limitation for the time being. If you need to instance or node-edit something, then I would use an actual object instead.

01-12-2018, 09:04 AM
The manual explains that it is a limitation for the time being. If you need to instance or node-edit something, then I would use an actual object instead.

Sorry ..Havenīt read the manual fully of for this section...it was based on a perception from me that implementing new stuff like A new volumetric engine, should be done so in regards to cover what I think is basics, appliance on a point cluster for instance, not showcase the limits of a new volumetrics system in comparison to an old hypervoxeös-

That was a suggestion based on the lack of volumetrics not being able to be recognized within point clusters, you can not replace Volumetrics with an object to serve as clouds..that was the whole point, so my mentioning instancing was foremost if there was a way to clone it that way, and suggestion to use an object instead of a primitive shape, is of no use either...the new parametric detail is what attracts with unlimited detal when getting close, not a dense subdivided object wich is also limited within itīs normal stretching of geometry, and a primitive parametric shape is Not..that is what we also want to instance or clone on to particles, as we did with old hypervoxels surface mode for some small rock boulders, and not using the standard objects.
Neither of that works.

So Yeah, I am a bit dissapointed on how the new volumetrics are applyied, and how we can use the new primitive model,
For primitives, the option of making a modeled point cluster into rock pebbles based on the primitive model is a no no, and particles wonīt work either...going back to use instances and standard objects isnīt making use of this new system in any good way.

and using fill solid within geometric shapes to make point clusters, then use with hypervoxels for clouds, that is now a no no with the new volumetrics..

It just doesnīt look good after all these years, making the new systems more crippled in some areas than the previous system.

01-12-2018, 09:38 AM
A workaround (for primitive shapes that is) would be to use a null, primitive shape with a displacement,and simply clone the null to the particles with the help of fx linker, that sort of takes care of the problem of not being able to use primitive shapes on particles, I think you can use dynamicFX as well if you need to adust particle placement.

01-12-2018, 10:04 AM
And since dpont nodes seems crippled if you want to clone nulls directly on points ( I think)
Thereīs always this script by Walfridson, add to layout, and search for points to nulls, and drag it to a menu you like in edit menu, select the point cluster you made in modeler in layout, and run that command and it will place a null on each point, so that is a workaround if you for instance spray points in modeler for clouds, or use the fill solid tool..That sort of overides a bit the limitation of the new volumetrics not being able to work on point clusters..not perfect but may be helpful.

Eh..not useful unless we can copy and paste one volumetric item setting on all the nulls at once, and you have to make point clusters a one poly point.
Edited, you can work with several nulls and paste the volumetrics in once, a bit tricky and you can not use the radius scale setting in one instance only of the volumetrics, but have to use standard size tool in layout while havign several nulls selected.