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01-10-2018, 11:34 AM
Seems to be a wee bug in how the LW 2018render engine resolves materials. Fairly simple to explain with iamges

The first image is screen grab of the render in progress, as you can see the ground reflection in the silver leaf retains the initial render pass but is not changed during or end of the render process.

The 2nd image is the completed render and clear as day the leaf reflection (ground surface) has not been touched. The rest of the leaf excluding the ground reflection and the crystals seem okay

Seems like render bug too me, any thoughts on this


01-10-2018, 11:56 AM
It's a little hard to understand from your pictures. What's the deal with the leaf? Is it a clip-mapped image?


01-11-2018, 01:53 PM
what is difficult to understand the fist image is screen grab of the render in progress and the ground reflection is prominent in the leaf, LW 2018 render engine failed to render the reflection correctly...hence the reason why I outlined the section in red.

the second image is the final render and the ground reflection is still garbled it was never rendered smooth like the rest of the image...so yeah it's seems to be a render bug top me.

01-11-2018, 02:03 PM
Gotta answer his question to get help.
As to cleaning up the garbled, reflection samples may help.

01-12-2018, 04:39 AM
I understand what the images are, but not the scene they represent. I presume the scene consists of a bunch of crystal spheres on baize (a bunch of grapes?), but what is the leaf? Is it a clip-mapped image?


01-12-2018, 05:17 AM
Go to Render Globals, and try to adjust Reflection/Refractions/Rays Limits to higher values. But it will slow down rendering with each new additional level.

01-12-2018, 06:13 AM
Render Engine works as it should.
I have difficulties to understand where the connection between the 2 areas in the screengrab should be?
The area in the bottom right corner has nothing to do with the reflection on the silver leaf (Angle of Incidence = Angle of Reflection).
You would need to optimize your Surface, Lights and Render settings.

A good start should be: