View Full Version : Principled BSDF and Anisotrophy applience workflow-speed setup

01-09-2018, 02:18 PM
Hi folks, and dev team!

I should perhaps file a proper feature request on this.
When I initially started to try out the Principled BSDF material, I almost straight went for checking metalic look and applied a bit of anisotrophy on it, I was a bit..what the??
getting triangles when raising the anisotrophy value...had to resort to looking through the documentation...finding out that we Need to add a projection node with mapping for it to work, it takes time to enter node, search for projection..not finding projection because the search function donīt send back any of the main category names, only what is within them, so you either can not search for them ..but having all nodes open in the main list, or need to know the mapping types.

Then we have to add it to the node editor, then plug it in to the projection input...and voila, we now got anisotrophy working, I mean common!!
Why can this not be implemented to work from scratch when starting with principled materials, it doesnīt look very good.
When I work in blender principled material in blender is a breeze in compare to lightwave it just works at once without the need of a projection input.
So please try and do something to improve on this.

01-09-2018, 04:06 PM
I agree. Should be a lot simpler for users, and that goes for a lot of the setups!! Presets??!!