View Full Version : modeler 2018 opengl speed on macs is a breakthrough! congrats, NT!!

01-04-2018, 11:04 AM
i started finally testing LW 2018 with heavy production scenes and want to thank LW developers for the massive speed improvements in modeler! a layered and very detailed architectural model with around 3 million polys which i could almost not handle with all layers on in textured opengl mode in LW 2015 is now a pleasure to navigate through! speed seems to be improved about 100 times. this alone is worth the upgrade for me! :jam:

i am using an nvidia 980ti card in my old mac pro, which indeed is very powerful. just curious if imac users with on board graphics are experiencing similar improvements with LW 2018?



01-04-2018, 04:05 PM
after several years of absence from LW and with modo/Foundry floating into a direction that doesn't comfort me that much, I gladly downloaded the '18 Trial.
Haven't had much time to doodle around (and need to recap a lot), but just imported a ~750k poly 3D-scan into Modeler and was also really baffled by Modeler's OGL performance.
Gave CC-Subds (level 2) a try, which results in over 18m polys (in Modo, Modeler doesn't show the OGL poly count) and, even-though it took quite a while longer to subdivide the mesh compared to Modo902SP3, Modeler 2018-Mac then performed better than Modo.
This is on a 2008 8c-MacPro with just a GTX650Ti-2GB! I stopped using LW with v10, mostly because Modeler just wasn't able to handle meshes with just around 1m polys on a Mac (and on Windows it wasn't hugely better).

This performance now is a really big step!
Also, I like the nodal PBR-implementation a lot so far.

LW2018 might get me back on board.
Would also love to read some more reports about OGL performance on OSX/macOS and also from AMD users please! ;)

Very good work by the whole LW-Team! Can only follow 3dworks congratulations!


01-13-2018, 08:17 AM
I have a "trash can" Mac Pro with 2 AMD firepro D500 (3 GB each), and I also noticed the huge improvement in OpenGL modeler, even with normal maps applied. Funnily enough, I also noticed than in layout textured, or shaded solid in now much more fluid than front face wireframe ! :)