View Full Version : 2018 - beta testers - is that it?? where are animations? comparisons? tests?

12-15-2017, 08:10 AM
Apparently there was a long-standing beta testing going on - based on the very few images and one animation of that Houdini sim - I'm not very impressed, there should be tons of content and plenty of animations - it's a new renderer after all - thoroughly tested in production, right?????.

Show s some specific examples, rendering times etc.

I look on this product page and seriously can't believe the amount of content there.

Yes. new renderer is huge but judging by this page this looks like a 2015.4 update.

I'm seriously not impressed after you guys went dark for almost a year.

I won't mention other aspects, just focusing on the renderer itself.

12-15-2017, 08:35 AM
It won't hurt they deliver the demo now and maintain the 1st of January as the buying date. There are SO MUCH to test and check.

12-15-2017, 08:40 AM
Oh come one 50one, you know they just spent the last year arguing about whether it should be called 2017, 2018, or Next and if it should include a membership card and a T-shirt.

12-15-2017, 08:56 AM
Ya know I'm not saying it's Arnold's killer for $295.....but I'm struggling to see how is this better than say cycles, vray, Arnold? Denoising filter?

If you go to any website that belong to a renderer then you'll see renders that give you a promise of some sort, what you getting.

I'm seriously looking at all what happened and keep seeing red WTF in my head.

12-15-2017, 09:35 AM

12-15-2017, 12:09 PM
The information and materials added to the site so far are just the first pass. The 3D Group is working on preparing additional information and updates for the site.

In the meantime, Matt and Antti from NewTek and some of the beta folks have posted a considerable number of images and animations in the various threads here on 2018; I'll suggest to the 3D group that they create several blog entries around these as a way to get them available on LightWave3D.com. The 3D team is also working with beta on gathering more such content.

12-15-2017, 12:11 PM
Cool, thanks.

12-15-2017, 05:18 PM
Great. Looking forward to seeing everything in one place.