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Bob Biestek
12-22-2003, 12:38 PM
Background info.

Before upgrading to VT3 I did a large 3D Stereoscopic project using VT1,
Speed Razor for out S-Video out put.I used the technique of rendering the
initial sequences as explained in the Dec/Jan 1999 issue of "NewTekniques"
using the 720 X 480 format, rendering even first. This worked fine when I
used the Plex that I made to composite the three images in LW's compositor using Left sequence Background, Right sequence Foreground, Foreground Alpha image (Plex) and checked the Foreground Fader Box. This are the finished composite files that I saved to give to the client plus the finished video clips from Speed Razor. There was never a problem with the clips strobing except one time when I accidentally change settings in the video tab of the Item Info panel. The two boxes that I was able to use to correct the strobing were "Enable Mask" and Invert Mask", both pertaining to the Alpha channel. I haave tried the VT3 Edit Properties panel "Overlay" and "Reverse" boxes, but that doesn't correct the problem.


The situation now is that they have erased several of the clips and they want me to use the back up 720 X 480, render even first, files to restore
the video clips, no problem. But when I took the files in,and click to convert/render, the upper third of the frames were missing and strobing. I then used Aura to convert the files to rtv. Using Progressive and full
frame, I rendered full images, but I still had strobing. They looked good
in VT3 but still had the strobing problem. I do not know where to look for that one button or setting to fix the problem. Could you please HELP!!!!!
The time schedule is tight. If I don't receive an answer before 5pm today
I'll have to start rendering the 7,000 frame scene in stereoscopic mode.

A side bar is that when I did tests in 480 and 486 odds first and composite
the sequences with their respective Plex images, it seemed that the image
was wider (fatter) the the original.

This could mean a lot of last minute rendering if I can not find a solution or someone near the Detroit area to let me use their Toaster with Speed Razor for a couple hours.


Please call or mail
313.562.5053 (Calling would be better)
[email protected]

Bob Biestek