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12-10-2017, 07:12 AM
We have x2 Tricasters that we use for various setups at work but I have a client in the new year that requires the use of both at the same time so I'll try to explain what I need help with.

In location A we have a Tricaster mini (AE) with x2 Vaddio cameras (HDMI). There is also a 65" Avocor screen with external i7 pc driving WEBEX with NDI Virtual Input bringing the Tricaster in as the video input.

In location B we have a Tricaster 410 (AE) that we use to monitor/record the WEBEX event. Obviously I can switch the 410 mix between both cameras or mix 1 from the mini but I don't have the WEBEX UI and by default WEBEX does not playback local mic inputs on the local pc.

I want to capture all cameras and WEBEX UI plus local mics.

SO I thought it would be as simple as splitting the HDMI signal to the Avocor screen into the Tricaster as another HDMI input and recording this via NDI on the 410.

Trouble is I get a strange result using a Lindy HDMI splitter in that I can never get audio and video from the Lindy on both outputs at the same time. Is this a HDCP issue?

I have cloned the pc output on the pc so I can grab the video out of the pc's second port (never get audio on this) and take audio from the Lindy splitter on the 4th HDMI input on the mini.

Then after all this I thought why don't I just use scan converter on the WEBEX pc and grab it over NDI?

My question is... is it safe to run scan converter on a pc already running virtual input?


Is there an easier way to do all this?

thx for any help from a Newtek newbie

12-10-2017, 11:33 AM
You can run NDI Scan Converter on the same system running NDI Transmit. Just a matter of the system having the performance needed to handle everything you are asking of it.

NDI Scan Converter does have the option to grab system audio. However, I've found that same sound cards don't work as well with other when it comes to this. So as a backup, you can use VB-Cable, this will install a virtual sound card on the system, then you set Webex and NDI Scan Converter to use that card and I've always had good luck.

As for your HDMI issue, you might just need to change the default sound card of the system to the HDMI output (you would have to do the same thing with VB Cable). I doubt the issue is HDCP, that would usually prevent you from getting anything. video and audio.