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Piotr Kaczmarek
11-29-2017, 07:34 PM
I’m working on a model to 3D print. Shapes have been 'Tripled' –*However how do i reduce the edges to two polygon by deleting or modifiying Edge Statistics?


stiff paper
11-30-2017, 01:07 PM
Not sure what you mean. Some more detail, maybe?

An edge can only be shared between 2 polys, with these exceptions:-

- You have a hole somewhere, in which case its boundary edges will only be on 1 poly.
- You have some 2 point polys. In which case, open the statistics panel, select any 2 point polys and delete them.
- You have some illegal manifold geometry somewhere. In which case, open the statistics panel and select any edges that are shared by more than 2 polys. Then [Shift A] and examine what that geometry's doing. Fix it as necessary.

...I get the feeling this isn't what you're asking, though.

11-30-2017, 01:25 PM
Press 'i' key to open Edge Info panel,
you can see details about each Point/Edge/Polygon (depending on Mode),
and select/deselect them.

11-30-2017, 02:28 PM
Try Merge Points ("m") with Automatic set. If you accidentally copy-n-pasted one or more polygons / edges on top of each other, this would eliminate those duplicate edges.

As mentioned, it's not really clear what actual problem you're trying to solve.


Piotr Kaczmarek
11-30-2017, 05:09 PM

– Edge statistics show 1 Polygons380. How do i remove\combine these polygons without deleting any geometry. I can do this manually by pressing the + button and deleting the edges/points. I ask this becausse when 3D printing all edges must be air tight and 2 Polygons.

12-01-2017, 08:21 AM
merge tris is the plugin you are looking for.

Piotr Kaczmarek
12-04-2017, 09:46 PM
merge tris is the plugin you are looking for.

Thanks for the help. Can I clarify before proceeding… I have selected Polygon, Subdivided (Julienned) & Smooth Shifted. The Points are not connected as there aren’t any to connect to. The way i can solve this is by deleting the outside polygon and then selecting the points creating a >Polygon. Then Tripling or Make Poly. I feel I have the process right, but the end solution is problematic by being laborious.