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03-07-2003, 11:42 AM
Someone posted a feature request asking for the ability to switch
between cameras when rendering animations.

For example, if you were animating a car chase and you wanted
to switch between views of the car being chased and the car
chasing, or a passer-by view, you could if you had time render
out all frames from each camera and then put it together in a
video editing package.

Or if in the real world you didn't have the time to do that you could
choose where to cut right in LightWave by switching cameras.

I had an idea of a nice way to do this a while ago using what I
called 'frame scripts'.

The nice thing about the idea is that you could use them to control
all aspects of your scene, from switching cameras to changing
where to save the frames.

So might find this useful, some might not, but you don't have to
use them if you didn't like them!

I'm sure there are many ways of implementing this feature, this is
how I imagined it could work.

http://www.creactive-design.co.uk/lightwave_vx/gfx/frame_scripts_thumb.jpg (http://www.creactive-design.co.uk/lightwave_vx/gfx/frame_scripts.jpg)
(click for larger version)

Hovering over a frame script would give a brief description of it's function.


You can choose whether the frame slider shows these frame scripts, as well as edit
other commonly used features of the timeline via a popup menu on the toolbar.


On the last frame you could also tell LightWave to load another
scene and start rendering that, basic batch rendering, although
I'd rather LW had a function built in for that.


03-08-2003, 05:30 AM
Hi Matt, once again a nice idea. But isn't that supposed to be doable via generic/ master scripts? In my opinion introducing another class for frame scripts would not make things much easier with the already sometimes rather confusing L-Script.


03-09-2003, 10:00 AM
I suppose there are two ways of doing it, one all out scripting that requires some basic programming ability,
or a preset list of simple 'click and set' options that require no programming ability at all.

I call them scripts but if done the other way scripts would be the wrong name.