View Full Version : DP Dome Light on Ceiling?

11-21-2017, 12:23 AM
So I did some semi architectural renderings for a client a while ago looking down from above with the roof cut off our building, and I used a DP Dome light and got kind of nice shading which we used and were happy with.


Now the client wants to drop the camera down into the room at head level, at which point we want to see the ceiling.

How can I keep the lighting on the walls, floors and objects the same as it ever was (to match with the previous frames we are still using) and get that nice soft ambient occlusion-esque lighting on the underside of my ceiling once the camera drops into the room?

Also, anyone have any preferred tutorials on baking the lighting?


11-21-2017, 04:09 AM
For setting up scene for "baking the lights", the best would be Global Materials http://globalmaterials.trueart.eu that will override the all objects the all surfaces at once.
You would just need add DP Dome Light, Shaders > Diffuse > Lambert plug it to Diffuse Shading in Make Material, and plug it to Global Materials.

To avoid errors during baking, and having nice borders around polygon groups, try using Batch Baking Camera http://batchbakingcamera.trueart.eu
Lack of appropriate rendering of borders will reveal as black dots and black lines around polygon groups (in UV space),
like I showed in one of Batch Baking Camera video tutorial.