View Full Version : Howler is 20 years old. Black friday 52% starting now

Dan Ritchie
11-16-2017, 10:04 AM
Hi all.
As a long time LW user, I am very happy to come on here and talk to you all about 3D topics. I remember when LW was still called Videoscape, and Modeler was at version 1.0. I had them running on my Amiga emulator years ago.
I've also developed Howler over the years. To put things in perspective, I started developing Howler (aka Project Dogwaffle) around the time of LW 5.5, because I needed a tool to take over for what we lost when Amiga went bankrupt, and there were very few VFX tools on Windows. At one point, if we wanted to view a render, we had to make it the desktop wallpaper, because there was no other viewing software available. OH, the DEC workstations!
Howler has grown over the years, alongside other competing products like Photoshop and Painter, however, I thing it's maintained it's own unique VFX slanted view of the world. We do natural media painting, sure, but also animation, keyframing, exposure sheets, all that stuff.
We've had a number of victories and industry firsts over the years involving things like particle painting , foliage painting, and 3d. We also helped to bring some Amiga ideas back to the mainstream. And to my knowledge, we're still the only paint program that can retime animation with motion prediction, or help correct badly transcoded video, or do rotoscoping with some level of automation, right out of the box. Anyhoo...
Howler is now 20 years old, and we're still going. We just released Howler 11.2 with a focus on new brush tools, including:

Rewritten brush stabilizer
Post correction improvements
Post correction with the curve tool
Post gradients, for colorful brush strokes.
Updated symmetry panel.
Save OBJ files from 3D Designer with MTL and image maps automatically.

And finally, Howler is now 52% off, or just $24.99, so you're getting a LOT of graphics power, and a lot of man years of development for a little over 20 dollars!

Go here, right now, and check us out. Thanks.