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11-04-2017, 06:24 AM
Hi there, Lightwavers!

Well, I don't usually write cause there are so many superpro people here I feel I have nothing to contribute with. But now I have a really hard to solve issue (at least for me).
Im developing a proyect with animated characters and one of them is some kind of capsule with eyes and mouth, and legs in both sides (I attach an image for you to see). I use genoma to create biped setup but I find completely impossible to set a rig for the legs in the lower part and the legs in the head so both are functional. Ive tried to duplicate components of genoma in modeler but always returns an error when creating or updating the rig in layout.
Any ideas on how to use genoma for this?
Thanks a lot, people.


11-06-2017, 02:58 PM
I'm definitely no Genoma / rigging expert, but a simple setup using the Genoma preset Rig Parts=>06_Legs=>leg_foot_01 aligned and mirrored to the CapsuleThingy object seems to work for me. Sample scene attached.

The process was to model the CapsuleThingy with Weight Maps on each leg (LL_Leg, LR_Leg, UL_Leg and UR_Leg maps). Bring in the Genoma preset, align it to the lower-right leg (adjusting the knee geometry to match the rig), and then using SHIFT-M (mirror) to mirror it to the lower-left leg, and then Mirror again to produce the top-leg rigs.

Send the object and rigs (in the same layer) to Layout, then use Setup=>Genoma=>Create Rig. Getting into Scene Editor, I selected the Genoma_CapsuleThingy_Base object, got into the Bones selection, and then walked all the Bones created by Create Rig (using Selection=>Select Child Items (recursively) where appropriate), and then used the Bone=>Properties panel to set all the bones to the appropriate Leg weight map. This causes those bones to only effect geometry based upon the individual leg weight maps.

Next, I renamed all the Genoma control objects using ALT-n to provide useful names, such as LL_FloorCtrl, LL_FootRotation, UR_ToeRotation, etc. Time-consuming, but well worth it rather than trying to remember that Floor_Ctrl (1) is the lower-left leg. I wish Genoma had a better naming convention for both their control objects and the bones, although the bone names aren't relevant using the control objects. And, of course, being a TOTAL Genoma novice, maybe there is a way to get better names from Create Rig.

I also REALLY wish I could remove most of the created control objects from the Object pulldown menu! I think there's a way to do that, but I don't remember. So, I scroll and scroll and scroll to find UL_FloorCtrl, then the same for the others.

Finally, I just did a couple of simple moves using the Master and Floor objects, and it seems to work OK.

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Hope it helps!

11-07-2017, 09:13 AM
Thanks a lot, MonroePoteet!
Ill check it out and tell you how it goes.