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11-02-2017, 01:26 PM
I do not yet have a Spark. I've got a limited budget, so I need to be careful before I purchase one. I'm at a high school and I'm not allowed to make money from our broadcasts - so I am careful with what I spend. Hence, I'm asking questions here - I did read the current manual online, checked facebook groups, and read what was in this group as of today, so forgive me for asking...

My interest in using the Spark is to add wireless cam capabilities to a Panasonic ENG such as a UX90 or DVX200. I will be connecting to a 5GHz wireless router with a channel used ONLY for this device in the same room. I've successfully used the NDI apps for iOS and Android in the past, and I know their limits in distance and speed. I'm hoping this purpose built device, given a solid MIMO connection, can transport FHD/1080 to my Tricasters.

The product I see has two concerns:

1) how is mounting accomplished? Is there a 1/4x20 mount on it? Do you need to put it in a jacket? Is that jacket available anywhere or do I have to design and print one? (I hate printing my own for this because our printer only takes PLA and its just too brittle) I see there is a tally system on the device, and I'm OK using it instead of my current tally to save the mounting point. The pictures don't show the bottom of the device and I'm afraid it is a generic aluminum box with no mounting points. For the Tally to be useful, it needs to be in my operator's eye. Or if it goes in the backpack, is there a remote tally light I can mount on the camera like my TallyTek lights have?

2) I see a 12V power input - but no wireless power offerings? I don't see the specs for how many watts this thing draws. 12V/30W would be about 2.5A. What is the power supply rated at? If I look at an external battery like the one I will link below, would that work? We need the power ratings on the Spark itself, and those don't seem to be available anywhere. If I break down and have to run an Ethernet cable to it due to interference or other issues - will it run on POE? Or do I have to have both separate Ethernet AND power to the device? The less I have to put on a kid's shoulder the better, especially where collisions with athletes might happen.

This is the pack on Amazon I'm looking at. I have no affiliation with them, and this is not an affiliate link - strictly a random product that I would hope would meet the specs of the device.

These seem to be pretty important things to me when considering such a device, so I'm wondering if the current Spark is just a first run kind of thing and the v2.0 device might address some of this as a more industry friendly device?

Dan anyone help me? I'd like to get one in before Basketball starts in a few weeks. The current iPad solution we use is just not great for game footage, so we only use it to mix in the pep band and crowd cams. I'd love to get my operators down there on the floor much closer to the action for free throws and such.


Alan McInnes
11-10-2017, 04:11 PM
I’d like to add my voice to this issue. I have purchased a Connect Spark HDMI because I was told the latency is only 30 Ms and therefore it should be great for a wireless camera to cover basketball or other sports. I also don’t see any mounting points on it nor any offered battery solutions. I’d be grateful to hear how I can attach this to a cold shoe or what hardware I would need to piggyback this on a camera. I’d also like to know it’s power requirements and where I might get a D-tap to whatever type of connector the power input is.

11-11-2017, 02:40 PM
I also donít see any mounting points on it nor any offered battery solutions. Iíd be grateful to hear how I can attach this to a cold shoe or what hardware I would need to piggyback this on a camera. Iíd also like to know itís power requirements and where I might get a D-tap to whatever type of connector the power input is.

Maybe something like a manfronto super clamp could work...

01-05-2018, 12:07 PM
Dan, you pose some excellent questions. We want to use a Connect Spark in the same fashion. We are a high school live stream video club that broadcasts sports and other events. Having a mobile camera that is still FHD 1080p60 is what we are aiming for. Has anyone had any luck with the DC Power specs or the mount to simplify the setup? Any info would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Bruce

01-05-2018, 03:01 PM
The Spark was not meant to be camera-mounted and thus lacks mounting holes. It does NOT support PoE unfortunately either. Even with dedicated wireless, there is no guarantee of perfect video - a wired ethernet connection is the only way to know you will have the most reliable, highest quality via NDI.

It should be possible to rig DC battery power, but I don't know the exact power requirement specs offhand.


01-06-2018, 02:12 PM
I bought a cheap 12v Li-ion battery pack from Amazon (9800mAH) it ran a spark for well over 10 hours.

01-24-2018, 11:25 PM
Mobile Studios has just released a kit designed to enable a Connect Spark to be mounted to any camera using a 1/4" screw, shoe-mount or tripod. The Sparkmount Battery kit includes Spark mounting hardware plus a 15 hour battery and short SDI /HDMI and DC Power Cables.
For more info checkout: www.MobileStudios.com/sparkmount.php

Also -- Check out this case study video on our YouTube channel about a school using three battery powered Connect Sparks with SparkMounts on JVC cameras connected via Spark WiFi to an access point to their control room where they have a TC1 switching and streaming a live basketball game. See https://youtu.be/rm4P66wLtNQ

Feel free to give me a call for additional info at Mobile Studios - 561-372-0604


01-24-2018, 11:34 PM
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