View Full Version : Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle - Renesas chipset - NewTek Connect (compatibility query)

10-31-2017, 09:28 AM

I've done some testing with NewTek Connect, feeding it with two Blackmagic intensity cards.
I'm using PCI express USB 3.0 card (Delock 89243) which has Renesans chipset which is compatible with Blackmagic Intensity card (unlike VLI chipset).
This workflow works well with Wirecast which recognizes both feeds.

Yesterday I started testing NewTek Connect because I'd like to send 2 streams via NDI to Wirecast.
When using ports on Delock card and Intensity card feed, NewTek Connect doesn't recognize the feed.

When using ports on Delock card and Logitech web camera feed, NewTek recognizes the feed.
When using motherboard USB 3.0 port and Intensity card feed, NewTek Connect recognizes the feed.

In all this cases Wirecast is able to receive stream from both PCIe & motherboard USB 3.0 ports.

NewTek connect was able to receive 2 feeds in the same time but is not able to receive Intensity card feed from PCIe card.

I've tried replacing the Delock card with exactly the same and it still doesn't work.
I've tried uninstalling latest BM drivers and rolling it back.

Is there a solution or an update which can enable me to use PCIe card with BM Intensity shuttle?

proc: i7 6700
board: MSI H110M PRO-VH

Thanks in advance for your time,