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10-30-2017, 09:46 AM
I made my own texture ball and decided to learn more about texturing and shading. I know this isn't the best rendering, but I feel, and have always felt, LW is so easy when it comes to rendering. Even though some settings are in places that don't make a lot of sense and you have to open several windows, LW just clicks with my brain.
I've textured in MODO, not a fan of the shader stack. Last version I used was 801, so it could be better by now.
I've textured with Maya's standard shaders and Mia_Materialx shaders (Not sure if Maya still has Mental Ray). Maya's built in texturing and rendering suck and Mental Ray was pretty confusing and slooooow to render. My settings for most items are below if you're interested.

All I have here is a dome light with default settings (5% ambient, 100% intensity) with an HDR image. Camera is set to 65mm 15 PERF 3k...only because I've never tried this camera setting before.
Min Samples - 1
Max Samples - 7
Reconstruction Filter - Mitchell
Sampling Pattern - Low-Discrepancy
[x] Adaptive Sampling
Threshold - 0.0314
Oversample - 0.0

Global Illumination
[x] Enable Radiosity
Monte Carlo
**Everything is checked except for Volumetric Radiosity and Direction Rays.
Intensity - 100%
ISGB Samples - 1024
Indirect Bounces - 2
Rays per Eval - 16
Secondary Bounce Rays - 9
Angular Tolerance - 30 degrees
Min Pixel spacing - 0.0
Max Pixel Spacing - 100

[x] Enable Caustic - Default settngs

**Everything is checked except Depth Buffer AA
Ray Recursion Limit - 4
Ray Precision - 6
Ray Cutoff - 0.01
Shading Samples - 4
Light Samples - 4

[ unchecked ] Use Z Buffer Max
Everything else is default except I checked Limit Dynamic Range

FiberFX Settings
Max Fiber Density - 400%
Relax - 3
Cluster - 3
Cluster Radius - 0.1181"
I edited the guides which was actually fairly simple, but this is a simple object as well. Took a couple tries to understand how to do it.
[unchecked] Volume Only
Fiber Type - Thin
Fiber Width - 600%
Fiber Smooth - 4
Gravity 80%
[Unchecked] Use Dot and Dynamic Gravity (I couldn't figure out what DOT was and I figured since this is a still image I don't need dynamic gravity)

Completely random settings for Styling, but:
[Unchecked] Random
[Unchecked] Root Only
No Bias Vmap (I don't know how to do this)

Bundle at none

Color - Doesn't really matter

80%, 40%, white, 6.25%, 10%, 10%, 5%, 1%, -20%, 0%
[x] Reflections
[unchecked] Radiosity (I think if this were checked it would break my laptop)

Shadow settings are default
Output and Options tabs are default settings

Purple Ball
This one is easy. 80% diffuse everything else 0%. Added HDR to Environment tab. Added Real Fresnel to Shaders tab (Spec 100%, Reflective 200%)


10-30-2017, 09:51 AM
I did some post processing to get rid of noise and tweak colors slightly. I couldn't for the life of me get rid of the noise. Maybe some of you pros can look at my settings above and give me a hint.

To get rid of noise, without ruining the blue hair, I made a mask in Affinity and added the Denoise effect.

**It took 10 hours to render on my 2010 Mac Book Pro.
macOS Sierra
2.66 Intel Core i7
8Gbs DDR3 memory
NVIDIA 512mb Geforce GT graphics
512Gb SSD

Stupid me, I rendered to my Dropbox, so it's possible this could have been faster.