View Full Version : Procedurally Generate Wedge or Pie Chart Texture?

10-22-2017, 08:56 AM
Anyone know how to generate the attached image within Layout, ideally so I have control over the angle width? I want to animate the angle opening so don't want to go into something like After Effects.

I guess I need a gradient fed into something equilivant to a polar co-ords filter but don't know what that is in LW land!

10-22-2017, 09:48 AM
The hilarity begins at 8:15


10-22-2017, 10:21 AM
I found a solution with IFW2 textures!!! See attached.... more useful when referencing a null... This should have been much easier with a native solution (apologise if there is - please share :D)

Thanks DJ, no way in the world am I faffing about with that technique! I can knock this out with Instances in about 30 seconds :D

10-22-2017, 12:58 PM
IFW2 textures are quite awesome. Just make sure when you buy and download them you keep track of the original zipfiles. :) I have a bad habit of misplacing things and nuking Lightwave and realizing IFW2 went with it. Just upgraded to latest textures and put it somewhere safe this time. :)