View Full Version : Looking for help on a commercial project

10-10-2017, 08:16 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm working on a commercial project, a corporate video, and started a lightwave scene and my schedule has gotten too tight. Couple that with my limited understanding of lightwave :stumped: and I am in need of some help to finish off an animation. Here is specifically what I need:

Finish off textures
Finish posing about 8 characters (still poses, not animated)
Animate 3 vehicles with basic limited motion
Finesse and finish off lighting
Animate camera/action to time with VO (less than 20 total seconds)

There may be more needed as we go through this together but that's all I know of now. Ideally I would like the animation finished around Oct 20th.

This is a paid project so please let me know your estimated rate and provide a link to some samples of your work via my website contact form: handrawnpictures.com.

I'm in San Diego but we can work remotely via Skype or something similar.

Thanks guys, look forward to hearing from you.

- Jake