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09-13-2017, 10:03 PM
I would love it if NewTek would add in a plugin/codec to export/transcode a video file to a .m2t file type that is a native Avid wrapper. I am in the process of building a production trailer, and would like the capability of exporting clips at the end of the show to a network drive which would allow my editor to immediately pull in the files and begin editing our highlights. Currently trying to pull in the files that the TriCaster exports both full uncompressed and the 15-5mpbs file takes FOREVER into Avid. I would switch editing systems but that really isn't doable at this point. I feel like Avid is a fairly common editing platform and it would be very helpful if NewTek added in a codec to support this.

On a side note, if anyone in the NewTek community has a suggestion for getting TriCaster files into Avid PLEASE help. This will solve a lot of "time wasters" in my current workflow.

Zane Condren
09-14-2017, 07:55 AM
What version of Media Composer are you using? If you are on 8.x our files link into MC as long as you have our codec installed. If this isn't working for you open a support case with Avid and they should be able to help you out. Alternatively, Advanced Edition supports exporting clips into Pro Res 4:2:2 which also links into MC.

Zane Condren
09-18-2017, 12:38 PM
I have also found that you need to install these codec shttp://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/download/Avid-QuickTime-Codecs-LE along with the NewTek Codec pack in order to link our SHQ files into Media Composer.