View Full Version : NDI not working on Linux'VMs (VirtualBox, centos/archlinux)

08-30-2017, 07:47 AM

The NDI v3 binaries are well built, and run without a crash or no error are returned.
But stream cannot be discovered (on the same VMs and from system host):
- NDIlib_Send_Video is running
- NDIlib_Find does not see any Stream
Issue is also present if server is located on the Host (a Windows OS).

When checking the open port of the binaries, I can see that NDIlib_Send_Video has successfully open the port 5960/5961. No firewall or security is installed.
The VM has a bride network configuration and is on the same network mask than its host.

I have no issues when running the same binaries (build for Windows) on the host. This is simply as if the VM was blind, also when server and client run in the same session.

Does anyone have an idea or faced (and resolve !:) ) the same issue ?

Tx by advance !

08-31-2017, 01:53 AM
More details, in order to avoid the mDns, I run the Test Pattern on my host, and update the NDIlib_Recv sample to specifiy manually the NDI_recv_create_desc object. The sample code works on the host. When runned on the CentOS VM, the sample continuously display "No data".