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08-19-2017, 06:16 PM
Getting back to the ole A330. I used mine last year with no problems. It had gotten sluggish and the support staff sent me two new drives and a sheet with instructions. But before the drive got here I deleted everything off the old drives and I literally didn't have any more problems so I never installed the new drives. I have the 3Play in a roll-around-rack that I built for my Tricaster 855/860 so the 3Play has been out and about several times since football season. After my last Tricaster production in June, I pulled the rack out of the trailer and rolled it into my studio. It's two weeks from football so I thought I'd better fire everything up for a test. My 860 wouldn't transition without running frame by frame for over 30 seconds for a 1 second transition. A new software update seems to have fixed that problem.

But when I pushed the start button on my A330, it came on for a half second and promptly shut down. This repeated several time yesterday. So today, I re-routed the AC cable from the rack to a direct outlet. When I plugged it in I noticed a small lighted button on the bottom of the back of the unit. I pressed it and noticed it felt like a switch. Anyway, I pushed the start button on the front of the unit and it started up. I thought everything was about to be just fine. Now, I may have pushed that lighted button after the start up rather than earlier as I had mentioned...I don't really remember. The unit fired up but said...No drives were detected and to push F1 or F2...I pushed F2...the prompt came up that said it was missing the OS.

I got out the two new drives and the instructions. The instructions were how to reset the MSI Motherboard Bio Settings. Well, I'm lost. The Bios in my A330 doesn't seem to match the sheet I was sent. Now I'm afraid to do anything else. I don't know if I really messed things up by pressing the lighted button, which I discovered says "Clear CMOS". Anyone know anything that would be helpful?

08-21-2017, 08:50 AM
Hey stranger!

Calling NewTek Customer Support should be your next step. They have the documentation and know how to help you.

Or I can sell you a 3Play 425 sitting at the office. Let me know. remember 4 is better than 3.