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08-12-2017, 10:58 PM

I just got the Quixel Suite for texturing and it comes with scriptsw for Maya, Max and Houdini to assign Material ID's...

I have no clue about Python.. would it be a huihe task to port this scripts to LW?


09-10-2017, 11:40 PM
It might be possible. What do the scripts for the other programs do?

04-29-2018, 05:40 PM
It might be possible. What do the scripts for the other programs do?

For Maya, what it does is help to create a Material ID map in order to automatically load textures in Quixel and then when saving/exporting the textures it automatically assigns the textures to the apropiate places of the objects, this works in Maya.

So far I've got all the "Color Codes" from Quixel into Lightwave's Color Picker, so when modeling, you pick one of the Colors assigned to Materials from Quixel, use the surface baking camera to create the Material ID map, and when you load it all into quixel, it automatically pre-assigns the corresponding Materials.

However, i've got a few problems, it didn't work in the LW 2018 demo, the colors were off for some reason and thus Quixel couldn't assign the Materials.

Quixel sees the colors as Hex/Web values and utilizes an XML preset files in which the colors represented in Hex are mapped to the Quixel Materials. And I've had some instances when creating the Material ID map I had one of the RGB values "Off" by 1 or 2 points, ie 22,22,23 when it should have been 22,22,22 don't know yet if this small discrepancy affects Quixels ability to pre-load materials, in LW 2018 it was completely Off and the materials would not load.

Next step for me is going to be, to TEST all colors if they come out correctly in the surface baking camera. I think this alone can be hughe time saver..

After that, figure out some way so that the Textures created by Quixel are then automatically loaded into Layout, just like it works in Maya. In Maya o 3DS or both, the script creates and exports, at the click of 1 (One) button: the mesh, the Material ID and the Normal Map straight to Quixel so that one can further manipulate the textures there. Then, when done, at the click of one button it sends all textures back to Maya/3DS and loads them into the apropiate slots into their corresponding Nodes. - I Imagine all of this could be done in Python in LW.